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Poster: livingspirit Date: Apr 27, 2011 9:59am
Forum: general Subject: Trouble Uploading


I joined the Internet Archive several years ago and was able to successfully upload files then. I haven’t uploaded anything for at least a year and a half. When I tried to upload the complete audio of the April 21, 2011 Chicago city council hearing of the Clean Power Ordinance, I received an error message saying that JavaScript needed to be enabled in my browser. I carefully followed the steps listed online for Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 4 that I use with my Windows XP machine. After changing the security settings in IE and verifying JavaScript was enabled in Firefox, I continued to receive the same error after relaunching the browsers.

I downloaded the CCUploader as an alternative. After appearing to have successfully uploaded the three files, the screen went blank and nothing else happened. The contributions page does not show that the files were uploaded to the Internet Archive. I tried to use the FTP option as well, but I need to create a token using the upload web page that requires JavaScript to be enabled, which is already enabled.

How can I upload to the Internet Archive? The web uploader worked perfectly in the past for me. I was the only journalist able to record the entire seven-hour proceeding. Many hundreds of people were turned away from the filled council chambers and many around the state and country are interested in Chicago’s effort to regulate two coal burning electric stations. The interest is high because if Chicago succeeds, many believe that other municipalities would impose very strict emissions standards as well.

I use Windows XP with Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 4 along with the JAWS screen reader. I will appreciate any help to solve this problem, which I hope does not freeze me out of the Internet Archive entirely.


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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: May 8, 2011 8:44am
Forum: general Subject: Re: Trouble Uploading

Using Win XP and Firefox, I have been uploading audio items to The Archive during the past 3 years, no problems. I also uploaded a video item of mine. At first, everything was uploaded to The Archive via FTP. About 2 years ago, The Archive switched over to their current HTTP uploader (Share button). It is working fine.

The Archive's Uploader and its Share Button appear to be using Adobe's Flash Player s/w. If you're experiencing problems with their Flash-based HTTP Uploader, I recommend you visit this Adobe Flash Player web page. This is how you can download, update, install, and verify your Flash Player s/w. Make sure your Flash s/w is current and it is working in your Browsers.

My Firefox is ver 4.0.1. I can also upload with Opera or Internet Explorer. I keep this s/w updated. My most recent upload (new Audio item) was on April 7, 2011 -- again, no problems.

Just fill out the form, and upload your files. Then you can go back and edit your Item. You can fill in details in their metadata editor. You can also upload, manage, and change your files. So you'll want to understand how File Deriving is involved. By default, deriving is automatic. It takes an hour or so. After that, you can edit your Item, see those changes, and everything should be available and searchable.

here's 28 items of mine listed

Have you created your item yet? Can you specify the Identifier URL? What audio file format are you using? How large are your files?

The Archive has 870,000 Audio Items right now, and it is growing steadily.

If you need help, I can upload your Audio. I worked in Broadcasting for over 25 years.

Monte's Taper Handbook

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Poster: David Eagle Date: May 17, 2011 1:29pm
Forum: general Subject: Re: Trouble Uploading

Kelly, if you're still having trouble you could try System Access To Go.
That screenreader seems to work with

Hope this helps.

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Poster: David Eagle Date: May 17, 2011 11:37am
Forum: general Subject: Re: Trouble Uploading

I'm using a screenreader here too and I often get this problem but not all the time .I'm currently getting the java issue; hopefully it will work again soon. Thanks

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Poster: livingspirit Date: May 17, 2011 1:01pm
Forum: general Subject: Re: Trouble Uploading


I received this advice from Tracy Jackson of Freedom Scientific technical support. The company produces the JAWS screen reader, which is the one most widely used throughout the world.

"Thank you for contacting Freedom Scientific technical Support. Try the steps

First of all, once you get in Internet Explore make sure the window is
maximized by performing the alt+spacebar followed by the letter x command.
Now log in to the site, at this point, I went down below the log out link

Link Upload/ia-button onmouse over link

I performed the JAWS key+control+enter key to see the additional items on
the link for the OnMouse over items
JAWS notified me of the line where the change took place.
Therefore, I pressed the letter j for jump to line, typed in my line value
and hit enter
Once here, navigate the page until you get to:
Not use FLASH
And hit enter

Now, if you arrow down, see if this the fields you were looking for?"


For me, the stepts did not work in IE 8, but they worked in firefox with JAWS 12.

The issue fundementally is that the Internet Archive has designed certain aspects of its website so that it does not comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines of the W3c, which have been in place since 1999.

On May 3, I sent a message to Jeff Kaplan of the Internet Archive identifying the exact technical problem and offering resources that describe coding solutions that could resolve it. The message is excerpted below. Last week at the Google IO developer conference Brad Green, the company's manager of accessibility engineering gave an hour long talk with Erin of the accessibility team on how to create accessible, dynamic web pages with HTML5. His presentation can be viewed on YouTube. I have not heard back from Jeff or anyone at the Internet Archive as to when this issue will be resolved, despite all this information and resources.

Start of message excerpt:

"I did learn that onmouseover events usually don't
comply with web accessibility standards because there needs to be a way to trigger them using the keyboard. For more information check out these articles:

"The use of Javascript with HTML to create interactive and dynamic web
pages creates the responsibility for keyboard access to these
features. When developers use the onmouseover and onmouseout event
handlers they must make sure the functions associated with the event
handlers are also supported by the keyboard, typically using the
onfocus and onblur event handlers. "

"A web page containing JavaScript will typically be fully accessible
if the functionality of the script is device independent (does not
require only a mouse or only a keyboard) and the information (content)
is available to assistive technologies. Unfortunately, there is no
easy fix that can be applied to solve all accessibility problems
associated with JavaScript. The only way to ensure JavaScript
accessibility is by evaluating each individual script and devising a
unique solution to the accessibility problem it poses. Developers must
be familiar with the issues surrounding JavaScript accessibility and
apply techniques to do one or both of the following:

1.Ensure the JavaScript is directly accessible
2.Provide an accessible, non-JavaScript alternative"

Both references identify approaches that can deliver an accessible
experience to a blind end user that interacts with a web page soley
through a keyboard.

It is highly disappointing that the Internet Archive designs its pages
in a way so that they cannot be used by keyboard users. It seems that
revising the coding on the web page could be done in a relatively
short period of time. In the long term, the Internet Archive should
code its pages in relation to widely adopted web accessibility
standards, which address onmouseover events and the use of Flash."

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Poster: Story Archaeologists Date: Oct 27, 2012 5:09pm
Forum: general Subject: Re: Trouble Uploading

I have recently begun uploading content to, and have encountered the accessibility impasse regarding mouse-over activated javascript buttons. Further, I feel there should be more navigation mark-ups, such as headings and landmarks, in the site architecture, especially on search result pages.
Has there been any progress on resolving this issue with the site programmers? Would more e-mails from more blind users help?
This is a rights issue. While digital texts may be convenient for the general public, they are ESSENTIAL for visually impaired researchers and scholars.
Isolde Carmody

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Poster: Story Archaeologists Date: Oct 27, 2012 5:09pm
Forum: general Subject: Re: Trouble Uploading [web accessibility for blind users]

I've only recently started uploading to archive, and have discovered the accessibility impasse with regard to mouse-over buttons. Further, I feel the site architecture could use more page navigation mark-up such as headings and landmarks, especially on search result pages.
Has there been any progress or further response to these issues? Would more e-mails from more blind users be helpful in seeking to change this?
The point needs to be made that the availability of digital texts is essential for visually impaired researchers: it's becoming more likely that I will do a PhD now because so many digital resources are becoming available.
This is a rights issue.
Isolde Carmody

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Poster: livingspirit Date: Apr 28, 2011 11:31am
Forum: general Subject: Re: Trouble Uploading

Dear Monte,

Thanks so much for your insights and help. Your vast experience will aid immensely in creating high quality recordings for the Internet Archive community. I have spent the last day diagnosing the problem, as the issue seems to be on my end rather than a universal experience. As a blind person, I use a screen reader to speak the contents of a computer screen to me. When my screen reader was running, I received the error message. When I exited the screen reader and a sighted person clicked on the upload link on the same computer in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, the upload screen opened normally without an error and there was full access to the upload screen or the http form to enter metadata and select files. I will report this issue directly to technicians at the Internet Archive and end user support at the screen reader company for resolution.

In the meantime, I was able to upload the audio to a private service connected to my Twitter client and share the URL’s of the files in tweets. While I don’t consider this permanent access to this information, the audio at least has left my hard drive.

Thanks for your offer to help. I would really appreciate it while the various parties work to correct the upload screen access issue for blind users. Could I send a link to a zip file to the Gmail address listed on some of your audio postings? The zip file would contain the three audio files of the hearing along with a text file describing the recording. The files are in 64k MP3 format, which I believe is the preferred standard of the Internet archive for spoken word audio. Each file is between 45 and 60 Mb in size. I have not created the item because the upload page to simply enter the metadata won’t open for me at this time.

I noticed that you use a Nakamichi field recorder. I bought a great Nakamichi tape deck from the 1980s a couple of years ago. For field recording, I am using a Sony MZ-b100 minidisc recorder in mono mode, enabling me to capture 2:40 hours on a single minidisc cartridge. When it was purchased in 2003, it offered the best quality and the longest recording time at a reasonable price. I recently bought a Sony PCM D50 digital recorder that I am learning to use. I don’t have enough confidence yet in using it to take it into the field. I feed the minidisc recordings into a Mackie mixer connected to an Audiophile 24/96 sound card to make a 24-bit 44.100 .wav master. Even though the minidisc is compressed audio, it sounds pretty good. I sampled at 96k bits a few times. For spoken word audio, the difference was not really appreciable. However, the 24 bit makes a whole lot of difference. Sometimes, I edit heavily the spoken word audio files I record to remove speech irregularities, unwanted sounds, or to summarize a longer talk or statement into something concise. The 24 bit audio makes these edits sound seamless. I noticed you use a 48k sampling rate. Does this provide additional headroom as well for edits before a final mixdown?

I noticed you provide much technical detail on your music uploads. Do folks on the Internet Archive also provide this level of detail for spoken word programming as well? I can easily provide this, but I fear that many could be confused by the technical specifics. Yet, this is also an archival recording and some might want to know in the future how the audio was recorded, not just its contents.

Thanks again for all your help and support.


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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Apr 28, 2011 1:15pm
Forum: general Subject: Re: Trouble Uploading

Kelly, I had no idea you were visually impaired. At the addy you referenced, you can e-mail me your Chicago City Council audio files, and I can upload them for you. The Archive's Community Audio collection is where your new item will get located. I can create this item for you. I'll take a look at your text file details. If I have any questions, I'll get back to you. Or, visa-versa.

People and musicians who have a better "trained ear" than I do have commented they noticed greater audio fidelity at 24-bit / 48 Khz, as compared to 16-bit / 44.1 Khz. It's mostly noticeable in the harmonics and overall presence. When I started uploading my live music recordings to The Archive three years ago, I used a Lexicon Alpha audio device to transfer my 35-year-old audio cassettes. My computer's built-in audio device is 16-bit. When I did my transfers, The Alpha's device driver is called up in Samplitude. I set everything to 24-bit / 48 Khz. Then the Alpha's 24-bit data stream gets ingested directly into Samplitude's recorder at 48 Khz via my USB port. After the remastering is finished, it gets down-sampled and down-converted, and exported to CD audio format.

In my case, some of my tapes were in very poor condition. I had various types of tape damage on several tapes. I had to splice and repair some of my old audio cassette tapes. A few of my cassette housings had failed. Their cassette reels had to be transplanted into other surrogate cassette housings.

These days, people like Charlie Miller and Bill Koucky would be more knowledgeable and better able to discuss using the best audio equipment professionally. I'm just hanging out at home, not buying equipment, not spending money.

As far as I know, I am the only 60-year-old hippie-Taper from the early 1970s, who is today creating a Taper's Handbook on The Archive, and, also advocating strongly for peace, harmony, and sustainable life on earth for all.


p.s.: Your individual audio files (or ZIP file) may be too big for my Google e-mail's attachment size limits. Some people use software like "You Send It" as a secure online file sharing platform that allows you to easily send large files and email attachments or ZIP files. Another option is mailing a CD to me by US Postal Service.

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Poster: livingspirit Date: Apr 29, 2011 8:49am
Forum: general Subject: Re: Trouble Uploading


I sent you an e-mail to what I thought was your e-mail address and it bounced. I can be reached at I uploaded a zip file to the SendSpace file storage service. It can be retrieved at:

or for a shorter URL:

The zip file contains the three audio files and a text file that describes the contents. I heard from Jeff Kaplan of the Internet Archive that the lead engineer is looking into the upload screen access issues.

Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate it.


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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Apr 30, 2011 7:40am
Forum: general Subject: Re: Trouble Uploading

Hi Kelly,

Your Indy-Media's Chicago Clean Power Ordinance recording is now up and running on The Internet Archive. I easily downloaded your ZIP file, and then I spot-checked your files. The Audio files appeared quite professional. Your text description was excellent.

We had a slight glitch when I upped this last night. Somehow, it wound up in the Community Text collection. I put a note about this on The Archive's Audio Forum last night. Jeff Kaplan came by and moved it into Community Audio collection, where it belongs. This morning, after I noticed this had been done, I went back to your Item's Metadata Editor and filled in some details. It looks like it's all good to go.

Let me know if you need any changes made to this item. Kelly, you did a Nice Job! Thanks for caring about our Mother Earth.


420bikeandhike AT gmail dot com